One Drop Yo-Yos DANG2


Introducing Paul Dang’s new signature yoyo the DANG2.

In October of 2011 when Paul Dang was a young lad and fairly new to our team, we released his first signature yo-yo, the DANG. That was a long time ago. Those were the days when yoyo design started to transition away from high walls, small diameters and narrow gaps. The DANG might have been on the previous design era in that regard, but it’s still a fan favorite and different from anything else – much like Paul.

In the following 6 years Paul became the face of One Drop and evolved both as a person and yoyo player. Over a decade of throwing he developed a completely unique style and it was a really interesting process to see how his growth translated into the design of his new signature model. That experience and style is now reflected in the DANG2.

Our first impressions of a new yo-yo are influenced by aesthetics, and even though we might think about how it would feel in play, nothing compares to experiencing the first time it rolls off the string. This makes the design process tricky because every single change about the form affects the play. The two can’t be separated and the play is more about discovery then pure intention. We can’t tell you exactly what mix of looks and performance Paul was thinking about when he put forth his ideas for the DANG2, but we would imagine it happened much like his yoyoing.

When you watch Paul yo-yo it’s obvious he’s on a mission of discovery. We’ve seen him deep dive into a particularly complex mount simply to find out what’s there. He doesn’t have any specific intentions about what he might discover, but rather he digs and digs until he finds something no one else had. After that he works on dialing in the style and execution.

Designing the DANG2 was much like Paul’s digging. The first prototype is probably the most tested yoyo we ever had. He played it for months before coming up with revisions so the final form could be born. Even the second version was played for months before going into production.


Weight: 65.8 grams
Width: 44.4 mm
Diameter: 56 mm
Stock Response: 19mm Slim Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.33 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Tapped

The DANG2 will be available here on YoYoExpert in a few weeks. Starting at $79.


Looks like it’s time to start saving up!


I am going to need one of these.


Yup. Maybe a solid and a splash, to fit my mood lol.


I gotta snag me one oh dem solid forrest greens mayne!


Such a great, and unique yoyo!


Really liking the Dang 2, just got to try it today. Really comfortable shape and great feel in play!

(The Yo mast3r) #8

Man I’d need one!


I haven’t thrown a OD since the Summit originally came out. I remember the original Dang though and this definitely a throw I’ll be picking up. Is there an official release date yet?


August 18th! 3 days from now.




Been loving mine! I’ll be interested to hear what folks think of it once they’re officially released.


Countdown Up! Midnight release tonight!


Some great colorways in there!


Its so good.


Guys I need your help! What colorway do I get?! I like that aqua blue color, but the splashes look great too.


Forest Green. I liked a few of the splashes, especially Wacky Wasp, but didn’t feel like spending the extra cash.

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Thank you everyone who picked up a DANG2! We appreciate the support. Hope you dig it. Restock coming right up.


Anyone else compulsively checking the tracking on theirs hoping that the USPS magically speeds up?


I got Whacky Wasp and I wanted Royal Tyrant and had both in my cart while deciding and then Royal Tyrant sold out when I went to buy both. I’m a bit disappointed though. It looks like my Dang2 has some Ano flaws and a small mark :’( I literally just opened it and seeing the flaws just made me disappointed, so I did like 2 throws and then I put it back in the box. I’m very OCD sometimes and I know nothing is 100% perfect, but still, I wouldn’t have spent the extra $20 if I knew I was gonna get one with flaws. Attaching pictures to see if it’s just me overreacting or not.