Project 2 vs. 5 star v.2

I was thinking about getting the P2 for a while. Now i heard about the 5 star (v. 2). Both of the shapes and profiles are great, now i’m wondering which one is smoother and can sleep longer. Please help me because my b-day is right around the corner (yes i know they both have a 2 in them)

5 star (v2) all the way

Truthfully they will both sleep just as long as the other. Both have awesome bearings.
Now you should put all things aside and choose on looks alone. I mean if you like them both then flip a coin.

Whatever you think looks cooler. I would pick the 5Star v2.

p2…more colors ;D ;D ;D

Thanks icthus. I flipped a coin 2 out of three. Before i get into this i will tell you that this really happened. Heavs was P2 tails was 5 star.
First one was 5 star.

Second one was project two.

It all came down to this last flip.

P2 WAS THE WINNER. I was pretty happy. I am probally goung to get the purple and green one in my profile pic. Then again black and red sounds cool, too. NEW POLL.

Never post for the sake of posting. all you had to do is ask in the same thread then I would have told you what I did in that stinking poll.

Do you like a more rounded slimish shape, or a wide flat rimmed shape? Both are amazing yo-yo’s, you will love either one.

A mix of both yoyo’s would be my dream The Project Star 5.

lol. The 5* whupped the P2 :stuck_out_tongue: