General-Yo 5Star: A YoYo Phenomenon


Christmas day left a smile on my face, and a new yoyo in my hand. No just another fundametal, or something cheesy. But what was left in my hand was a General-Yo 5Star v2 (USA edition,green on light green). Now its name is a 5Star, but is it 5Stars?


This yoyo is atonishing. It has a two tone look. What I personaly like is the two different greens. I find that most two-tone yoyos are two different colors, while this is two differents shades of the same color. Though the other thing what I really like was the logo. I really like the 5 with the star in it. I though it is deffinetly cooler than a simple 5 stars.


The feel of the 5Star in ground breaking, and so hard to expain. When i first helded the yoyo in my hand, it was SO smooth. Its nothing like the annodize on my Hectic or Dv888, which are a little sticky, in a sense, compared to my 5Star.


This yoyo has a very comfortable round butterfly shape. I find it rest in my hand perfectly, yet not to small nor big. Another great thing is if is comes in fast it wouldn’t hurt as much as my hectic.

Bearing and Response:

The bearing on my 5Star is dazzling. I have had no problems with this bearing. It out spins my SPECs and KKs. Plus i have not had to clean, or lube it. The respone was another positive thing to add to the 5Star. The One-Drop silicone Pads probably fit this yoyo the best. It provide tight binds, while keeping it unresponsive.


This yoyo play like no other. The grinds are phenomanel. It feels like your arm is lubed while grinding. I have gotten almost 6 second before it spun out on my arm! Its that good. Another up to ts play is its weight. Heavy yoyos are my personel favorite, though i find the cluck at the bottom a little annoying. Where as this yoyo is a light one, it doesn’t clunk when you throw it. But the wierd thing is although its light, it plays like a heavy yoyo on the string. Also since its on the light side and plays heavy, it also excedes at fast play too. Thiss yoyo also can take many string layers, and provide astonishing spin times, even on an OK throw. I also have had no vibe or wobble problems at all.


Well is it five stars?.. Deffinetly! Christmas probably wouldn’t have been as awesome if i hadn’t got this yoyo. This yoyo execedes at anything you throw at and will deffinetly be a favorite of mine. Congratz to Ernie on this yoyo.


Specs provided by YYN

Manufacturer General Yo
Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 64.00
Width (mm) 41.27
Diameter (mm) 52.14
Gap Width (mm) 4.20
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Silicone Sticker

Costructive critcism appeciatted ;D


Makes me want one!!! Although probably would’ve even been better (if possible) with some pictures!

Other than that… AMAZING!!!

Keep up the great work!! :wink:

Thanks, I hope to get pictures up ;D

Nice review. I have always wanted to try one of these things.

How long did it take you to write this?

Thanks buck choy, you have to try one.

It took me about 20 minutes give or take.

really really good review

Thanks for the great feedback, but what do I need to improve on (besides pics)???


5 Stars for his review.

Great review, but it just needed some pics. Good Job! :slight_smile:

nice to see the 5star has grab the heart of an other yo’er… long live the 5star!!!


And whats funny was you recommended it to me fr3ak.


why can i never find one anywhere. this is the only reason that yoyos can be too good. OUT OF STOCK EVERYWHERE. i even met ernie and he would have sold me one if he had one one him. HIS POCKETS WERE OUT OF STOCK ON 5STARS. NOOOOOOO.

great revue

I’ve got three 5 stars :smiley:

I tried the beat one Ernie sold you at The Boston YoYo Meet Up.

eye twitch*

It is unknown to me whether i NV u or if you are just a lunatic for having that many yoyos.

i was bored.

Any other opinions???