i threw my first full metal yoyo today and it was the 5 star from it was great even though the gap was a little small. but why doesn’t yye put generalyo yoyo sales. i cant find a store with any generalyo stuff in stock:(. where can i find a 5 star and any other simular yoyos

YYE is working on selling other brands of yoyos, its not that simple.

Also, the 5Star is rare, and sells out fast, its not very easy to get one.

I believe there are still a VERY small number of 5stars at

Those are pretty much the last ones on sale I know of. Ernie recently released another yoyo called the Hatrick, which has sold out at all online vendors I know of as well.

Good luck in your hunt! Those are some top quality throws.

Last I heard, they’re getting there in a sense. But they way André stocks brands is different than most places. I know, because I got yelled at about it. :wink:


guys i got a generalyo bearing should i clean it it is responsive and annoying with lots of lube what should i do

The 5 Star is discontinued. MiniStars will be the next thing shipped to stores. You might be able to find a 5 Star in the b/s/t though.

Hope that helped. :wink:

Don’t put lots of lube in it in the first place, only a drop is nessasary. And after appling lube, you need to break in the bearing. So play with it for a long time. And for you, scince you put a whole bunch, play with it hard for a really long time. If after a REALLY LONG TIME it still plays weird and responcive, clean it. :slight_smile:

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General-Yo already discontinued all of their yoyos they have out right now. Next is the Mini-Star. I already made a thread about this, but no worries. :smiley:

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well all of that is helpful, except this thread was from october, 7 months ago. i got a 5-star, and hatrick, and i know all of this stuff now. staten island man, you revived this thread. your post was unneeded and you should have just used the search. i usually am not one for people who dont use search, or people who revive old threads, but this being my thread and people still telling me what they think without looking at dates is sort of driving me nuts.