General Yo And Unknown


First, General yo Prophecy. Near mint condition. No scratches or flat spots I’ve seen. Plays smooth, slightest fingernail vibe on certain throws. A really fun yoyo to play and a bit more on the responsive side so great for continuous throws. $50\

Next I have a General Yo 5 - Star I believe. I am not sure which one this is as I have owned it forever now. It looks like the 5 stars though. a few scratches but still a smooth player. It is on the heavier side and handles really nicely on the string. I tried to get all the damage in the pics but it’s super shiny so there is glare. $50

Last is a yoyo that I bought from someone on the facebook bst and I am assuming that they made it. It is nice quality, mint condition. Larger in size than the other 2 but very light ( too light for my taste ) but it plays wonderfully. very smooth and spins forever! $30

All prices are shipped.
Send me a message for more info. for faster response you can text me (615)668-7180 thanks for looking


I’m pretty sure the blue throw is the ginger by riverbay. The cup suggests it to me. Good luck on selling your yoyos!

(Sergey) #4

Second yoyo is not a 5star, it looks like an Essense.

(system) #5