Which yoyo is better?? UR OPINION

Dark Magic 2 OR Starlite by yyf???

Starlite is better

dm2. put up a poll next time

No yoyo is better than another. Each yoyo has it’s own potential advantages.

Starlite can glow and play well, while the DM2 is very good in play and grinds well on the palm.

I both agree and disagree in this, i think that each yoyo has it’s own potential advantages… but of course a yoyo is better than another. Everyone is on about the preference, but it’s not ONLY about that. Some yoyos are really better than others. That’s a fact. (No hate on you skeletonboy, just usin you as an example :slight_smile: )
My opinion is the DM2.

starlite completely

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I agree with you that some yoyo’s really are better than another, but each time I try to say that, some people highly disagree with me.

I like the dm2 better

In my opinion I like the starlite by YYF alot better. It has great feel and is a very good plastic.

skeleton boy i agree but i put ur opinion in ur opinion which one is better for you?

I can’t really choose. The starlite is just a really good plastic. The DM2 is also a good metal rimmed. I would say Starlite because I’m not a fan of bi-metals.


It’s asking which one you prefer. Not which one is better overall. Starlight, dm2’s don’t feel right…

Iv never tried a DM2, but I have tried the Dark Magic, and I really liked it, more than the Starlite. And since the DM2 is supposically “better/more advanced” than the DM, then Im gonna go ahead and say I like the DM2 better than the Starlite, in my opinion.

You see what I mean Ruben?

I’m sorry but you should get glasses and see the part where it says “UR OPINION”

I am going to say Dm2, I really don’t like the starlite shape

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