Another this or that thread! DM II or a WBD OneStar


Well, topic says it all. I seem to have made a bit of a “mistake” ordering a Kickside which even though is a nice throw seems to be older technology. I am not so concerned about the price difference so much as the playability – My 11 year old has kind of adopted the Kickside, I am still throwing my by BOSS but it was suggested I find a more stable throw and I have really been eying the orange frog magic edition of the DM II.

You know, perhaps the topic should have been,

“For the price, can a DM II still hold up with the newer shapes/models of throws out now” ?


Dark magic 2 is one of the best yoyos you can get for its price… same can be said for the One Star. Dark magic 2, plays just as good, if not better than a lot of high end throws out there. Same can be said for the one star.

Honestly, if youre worried about price, One Star is perfect. It plays extremely well and is super cheep. Plus the WBD one star looks awesome. Darkmagic 2 is definitely more expensive, but most people will say it plays better than the onestar. I like the one star better, but thats just my opinion. I’d say get both… only $15 extra, and you would enjoy both equally.


I own a Onestar, and it plays amazingly. I’ve also played DMIIs, and they’re also great. I think it mostly comes down to preference.


To each their own I saw.

Both are good yoyos. I have both.

Both are modern designs. The DM2 is a bit more dated, but it’s still valid as a yoyo suitable for not only beginners, but advanced, expert, master and competing players. With the high-wall design though, it’s not suitable for a lot of current trending play styles, namely the horizontal play and gyro tricks. I still play mine very frequently. I enjoy it a lot. The highwall forces you to learn cleaner, which translates into better overall play. It’s also forgiving as well. I honestly can’t say anything bad about the DM2. It’s a top seller for a reason. I have 4, and I’m looking for a few more in different colors.

The OneStar is I’m hoping the end of the line for the *-Star series. It’s good, really good. I think it’s celcon. It’s slick, great for hand, finger, palm and arm grinds, which gives it a great boost over the Protostar and Northstar. The Protostar and Northstar are smooth surfaces and crappy grinders as a result. My issue with the ONEStar is merely the weight because I prefer heavier yoyos. Even so, it doesn’t feel light in the hand or light on the string. It’s got a nice good feel and balance. This is a $15 yoyo that really performs like it should cost at least twice that. However, it is light, and often when playing outside, it actually gets blown around, which sucks for someone with my low level of playing ability. I have not had this issue with my WHIP or ONE, but that’s because I’ve rarely played them outside.

At the same time, the Kickside is also a great yoyo, but yes, with the hybrid response and adjustable gap, it is a bit “dated”. You can remove the weight ring and silicone it, clean the bearing and shim it and it really performs a lot better. I have one and I do like it. Loads of fun and shows the kiddies that inexpensive plastic yoyos can be fun.

But then again, the Lyn Fury is loads of fun, so is the Speed Maker, and so are many other “cheap plastic yoyos”.

I don’t think the Kickside was necessarily a mistake, but it might have not been the ideal choice for now.

I kind of think like this:

Beginner is tug responsive.
Advanced is bind return/unresponsive.
With the intermediate yoyos, you’re not quite there either way. It’s like, jump from beginner to advanced, then back-track to intermediate after you’re very comfortable with your bind and some of the “harder” tricks in Intermediate and Advanced 1. This fall-back to intermediate let’s you fine-tune your game and address issues.

I honestly have little problem recommending either the DM2 or the OneStar. I however DO NOT recommend the ONEStar to relatively new players. Why? Unresponsive is not good for NEW players(I prefer people start responsive) and the weight isn’t good for those “demanding” long spin times. However, if you can bind and feel good about it, yeah, OneStar is a great yoyo.

But if you don’t mind, I would take a DM2 over the ONEStar any day. Why? It’s just my preferences.


Thanks for the replies!

Seems like I can’t go wrong either way, I have been throwing my YYF BOSS around a lot and correct me if I am wrong, but that is a pretty light throw is it not?

That WBD Onestar looks pretty cool, and at 15.00 I don’t really think I can beat the price, because I really loved my Hitman from YYJ and because of the awesome orange frog design I was considering the DM II - but perhaps I can hold off on that for a bit and just stick with more inexpensive yoyo’s for the time being until I am 100% this forray into yoyoing isnt going to fizzle out in a couple of months.


another “where does this thread go thread?” is needed. Jk lol