Dark magic 2, Starbrite, Popstar, Asteroid, Grind machine?

Which one should I get? If you guys have other options let me hear them just don’t make the decision harder than it is…

I meant starlite not Starbrite. Or is it the other way around…? Watever I meant the one that glows in the dark.

Dark Magic II is the most versatile and capable in my opinion.

Grind machine is neat, safe shape, adds stacks if you want the stacked version. Non-stacked is nice too.

I’ve seen people compete in finals with a Starlight…

Popstar: too small. I mean, way too small!

Asteroid: Other than it can’t grind, great player, highly recommended.

Also, consider the Protostar and Northstar. If you’re talking DM2 dollars, there’s also the Shinwoo Zen metals and even the dv888 to think about. $10 more gets you a metal Di Base.

really now? 4 different threads with the same question? sorry to be rude but really now…

same response as before. grind machine.

…the popstar was my first throw, and i loved it. still do.

really now? 4 different threads with the same question? sorry to be rude but really now…

same response as before. grind machine.
Sorry but I’m confused. And no one I know is into yoyos so this is were I go for advice.

ok. but next time simply edit your other thread “second yoyo?” i didnt mean to play moderator, i was in a bad mood :stuck_out_tongue:

you like the whip? youll like the grind machine! the dm2 is amazing too. Dont get a popstar. its annoying. too small, unstable, too light.

No, you weren’t playing moderator, I agree that 4 threads is way to much.

Also seriously look into getting a ProtoStar or Northstar. In my opinion, they are the best playing plastic yoyos, the best you can get in the price range, and can compete with any metal yoyo.

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The popstar’s too light? it’s 66 grams.the grind machine is 64. and it’s perfectly stable on a good throw. and I’ve never found a problem with hitting strings.

the popstar after about 30 seconds spinning it tilts to one side more than other undersized throws. i will admit that the popstar performs well for such a small yoyo though. but if i had those other options that play way better than the popstar, i would get em. and im sorry, the popstar FEELS too light in your hand because of its sheer smallness. sometimes you dont even know its there! just my opinion. not necicarily (i spelled that wrong i know) a fact. and fyi i recommended the grind machine cuz zzz… likes the whip! very similar to each other. i also think the pgm feels a little too light. im trying to find what kind of throw i like. i ordered a northstar (which is pretty different than the skyline) to see what kind of yoyo i like. my recommendtions may soon change :wink:

Dark Magic 2 without a doubt.