Product Suggestion: Higher Capacity Cases/holders/carriers

As a collector, player and someone who wants his collection mobile for taking to meets for sharing, the current selection of cases is a tiny bit lacking. I can’t say I’m totally unhappy. That new messenger bag really has me excited and I may have to get one. However, this does not really address my bigger issue, but it does address a need I have.

I was going through all the new stuff, and once again, my cases are full. I need a place to hold LOTS of yoyos.

The problem I have is both the cases I want, well, they came from competitors. One is an 18/36 case, which I modify with felt fabric to provide additional projection(lining the top/bottom and providing a flap to prevent top/bottom clinking). These cases work really good and provide a great design, convenience and not too big, not too small and yet still has room for lube, a tube of bearings, CW or something else small. Honestly, I have 4 of these FULL, and I need two more, which will fill up fast as I have over 50(closer to 60) loose compatible yoyos. All I can suggest is to use star-cuts instead of rounds.

The other case is the 72-star case, a three layer work of portable yoyo convenience. Many of you say this at Nationals. My “Case of Wonders” as I call it. Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s worth it. 24 yoyos in star cut foam, holds stuff from big to small. I modify the middle layer with felt to prevent clinking and help keep things nice.

Are there plans to have higher-capacity hard-sided cases? If so, I don’t mind holding off. If not, I honestly gotta do something quickly. My collection is growing, and I’ve outgrown the bin that I used to hold many of the other cases, and I’ve upgraded to a larger bin with wheels and a handle for more convenient transport. When not lugged to contests, this packs away nicely, neatly, safely and even has spots for padlocks and has a lock on it as well.