new case!

I was super pumped about getting a hard cover yoyo case so I could finnaly use all these sticks I’ve been collecting, SUPER HAPPY!
I’d thought id share with you guys! (Plus it was like 30 or 40 dollars on amazon) XD
I show both sides and inside. XD

Nice looking case and not a bad price either. Man, I really need to get me one… I’mkinda tired of using a shoebox for eeverything! Lol

For EVERYTHING (yoyos, strings and bearings) yoyo expert has the best bags. Though Just yoyos I like this one a lot.

I like that case, but I’m concerned if it was full of metals the yoyos might ding or mar one another. Are the slots deep enough? or do you think this might happen?

the slots are really deep the only yoyo that sticks up is my equilateral. and that’s a tall yoyo, XD they all fit really snug, but the smaller ones I take one of the foam cut outs and jam them so the smaller ones stay in. Then I put a folder and lie them on top of them so top ones don’t fall down, and the keep all of them in their slots. Plus I have the good side filled, the bad side is on the top. XD but for like, 20 plus throws I love it! plus you can personalize it with stickers which I like a lot.

Let me know if you ever wanna get rid of those loop 1080’s , ive been wanting to try them for a while now

in my experience, I have way more fun with the yomgea raider then the loops.