Product Review: Henrys Viper Flux |

(Chris Allen) #1

I never knew how big of a skill toy company Henrys was until they sent me their catalog. It is at least one hundred pages thick and covers nearly every skill toy I could imagine. The Henrys catalog has yoyos, poi, fire tricks, stunt unicycles, and juggle ready newborn kittens (I can’t back up that last one). They are a huge toy company in Germany and as I stepped through their catalog it really had me wondering why they didn’t have a bigger presence here in the U.S.
Along with the catalog and plethora of yoyos Henrys sent me was the Viper Flux. I had originally intended to review the Flux at the same time as the Neo, but after comparing the axle system of the two yoyos, it became clear very quickly that the flux was a completely different breed. for the Full review