Product LifeCycles?

Where should “used” yoyos that are not cherished or wanted anymore go to end their lifecycle? I have several beaten up aluminum yoyos that are of no value anymore and I’m not sure how to dispose of them properly with little or no effort.
How would you end a lifecycle of yoyo as material waste?

Too many yoyos, not enough hands.

For Real~

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Unless they’re stripped, they’re probably still worth something to someone. Post some pics, people can polish rims or sand a bearing seat to get it playing decent. They would probably be great giveaways to some 12 year old who only has a replay.


You could just put them up on the BST saying something like “Free just pay shipping” and I’m sure someone would take you up.


I’d be happy to cherish them.


I’ve got a Duncan sized helicoil in the tool box, just in case you know… so even stripped can be fixed.


Yep. That would be my choice. If that’s too much work chuck 'em in your recycle bin.
(Or leave 'em on the curb during Sturgis :wink:)

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