If I had 118 Pro-Yos I would

What would you do with 118 Pro-Yos???



drown my self in the proyos, and end covered in happines.


I’ve got 2 or 3 original proyos and a couple of the duncan made ones that rarely get used. About all you could expect is to try to sell them and hope to recoup your investment. Seems iffy at this point.


if they were in usable shape, donate them to kids that didn’t have yoyos


I would create an ebay listing with a starting bid of $109.99. I would charge $21.83 for shipping within the continental US.


See how many S-T-Ms you can do, then try to break your own record.
Pro-Yos are great every day carries, and if one ends up in the washing machine or down a sewer, you got 117 replacements.


Use them for hardcore 4a until you break them all


Set the Guinness world record for most vintage duncan proyos bought from ebay at $21.83 shipping at once?


I would give them to 118 kids possibly changing 118 lives for the better, who then would give a yoyo to another person changing yet another life. Who says you can’t change the world?


I would grind them up into the proper form to feed a 3D printer and make some really nice 1A yo-yos.

That was my daily low grade humor entry…

On a more serious note, a ‘question’?

Giving them to 118 kids sounds genuine and well intended enough>

But, especially during this pandemic, how/where do you find these 118 kids to give the yo-yos to?

And would you just give them 1 yoyo each with 1 string?

Would you provide some kind of beginners’ guidance so they might be inspired to throw for at least a few days before they just gave up?

Would you give them the yoyo and maybe 4 extra strings so they would have a short term supply? Because if you did, that would require 472 additional strings.

Can you find 118 kids within driving distance?

Because if you can’t, then you might have to send 118 yo-yos through the mail. Even at first class rates, they would cost about $2.50 each without packaging.

So you would have to come up with $295 for shipping/your time to pack up 118 yo-yos and the cost of 118 jet packs(about $118 @ 1.00 each/approx.)

…I mean the thought/suggestion is ‘well meaning/well intentioned’. But the application could be a little more difficult to complete.

Now… on the other hand, the Best thing to do with them would be to give them to somebody like Dave Schulte. A profession top level Demonstrator. Dave is a perfect candidate because he has a captive audience wherever he goes(minus pandemics).

But Dave would only require the shipping of 118 yo-yos to him. He gives them out in person so no additional shipping or packaging required.

Now that would be a ‘plan’.


Yep, Dave S_C_hulte is a deserving candidate… :wink:

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Donate them to a school or a children’s toy drive

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While giving them to kids is a kind gesture the correct answer is:


I’m gonna buy them and the below lot of 190 golf ball YoYos and make a yoyo ball pit at the bottom of a slide. Then I’ll throw them in the air like Scrooge McDuck while calling them my precious.

I also really like @yoyodoc ’s idea of grinding them all up! I’d send them to @Kray to 3D print a 1A yoyo! I would have him print one giant YoYo for display purposes only!


my wife’s a teacher. i’m a cub scout leader. i have more strings than i can count… and can get plenty more donated…

i’ve thought about this (months and months before this popped up)


Every serious yo-yo player should carry a Pro-Yo so when you are out with your fancy throw and someone asks you to walk the dog, you can switch out and grind away. Also, why would anyone be a serious yo-yo player?


So my Pro Yo has a picture of a yo-yo with legs and arms (and really cool shoes) that is throwing a yo-yo. It’s impossible to tell what is on the caps of Mr Pro Yo’s yo-yo, but my guess is if you could see it, it would be another Mr Pro Yo, throwing another yo-yo with a Mr. Pro Yo on it, like infinitely smaller and smaller. Makes you think.