my new breed became responsive suddenly how can i make it unresponsive again without paint thinner?

ok this happenes to me daily! ok first take out the bearing and with a needle take out the c-clip on both sides and then remove the sheild from both sides (wich should just fall out). blow in it than spin it on a pencil till it gets smooth then put it back togeather, blow out the bearing seat and plug it in and play (with a new string)

It’s likely you won’t be able to get it unresponsive very easily without using paint thinner or lighter fluid.

If it just suddenly became responsive, it’s probably something like dirt or something which got into the bearing. It might go away after a while, but it’s not for sure.
I would recommend trying to clean it.

It’s a YoYoJam bearing. They come dry so they play great for a couple of days and then become responsive. Add a drop of oil to the bearing and break it in; it will be as good as new.