Problem with the YYJ Phenomizm

Hello every1,

It is my 1st post on this forum.

Since over a year I own YYJ Phenomizm (without caps ) I am not that keen on the tricks, so after a 1 mth of break I decided to play a bit, but I found out a big problem. If I twist ( is it right word :stuck_out_tongue: ) two halfs of the yoyo as I used to do it, the bearing has no place to work - to spin. What to do bout it? Cuz I don’t belive it just happened without anyones help :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand what you mean. Could you make a video?

I think he just means that when he screws the halves together, the bearing won’t spin, so it becomes like a fixed axle yoyo. A video might not show anything, unless he filmed the inside of the halves, close-up, to show anything that might be gripping the bearing.

Have you tried to spin the bearing while outside of the yoyo or tried a different bearing? I know that sounds obvious, but decided to ask, anyway :smiley: If the bearing spins when not in the yoyo, then the problem is likely in the area of the halves the rest near the yoyo. If it doesn’t spin when outside the yoyo, you’ll know it is the bearing, and it needs cleaning or other. Again, you’ve probably done these things…

I think removing the bearing and seeing if it spins and/or needs cleaning is a good first step, combined with swapping the bearing for a known-good bearing for a true and fair A/B comparison.

It could also be the Solid Spin axle system has become damaged and the yoyo is slipping together and the bearing seat on one half is flush with the body, which is why it’s not spinning.

I also have to question if it’s actually a Phenomizm or a Qixia Champion 3. I am too lazy to go take both of these apart to A/B, but I will say the Champion 3 has a larger axle/set screw.

Hi all,

the problem is exacly what SwissArmyTenor mentioned. Sorry for misunderstanding, but english is not my first language. The bearing itself spins like it used to, but the when it is screwed there is no place for spin. It does not need cleaning and unfortunetely I lost somewhere my centertrack, so I have only one bearing.

Is this “other bearing” the same size?

If its bigger or smaller it wont spin.

Try buying a cheap YYE bearing replacement for 5.00

But, MAKE SURE, that ANY bearing you buy IS SIZE C. Any other size other than C will not fit the Phenomizm.

The bearing is for sure size C, because it is the one I used to use ( once the yoyo was still ok ) It is clean, but the point is it does not spin, when the halves are tightly screwed… Is there anything I can do about it ( sorry but changing bearing won’t help, cuz it is not bearing’s fault )

If you can, open up the yoyo and take a picture of the bearing seat area on both haves. Have a low angle and some good lighting so we can see what’s going on in there. I think if it is a Phenomizm, it’s gotta be a problem with the solid spin axle.

Taking into consideration, that it is 22:24 in Poland and right know I am only equipped with phone-camera, I will provide you some photos tmr, because know I am not able to make clear one :slight_smile:

I was about to agrew with Studio.

Also, are you tightening it hard?

Try unscrewing a little and see if it works.

Also, it sounds like the solid spin (bearing sits on) might be damaged so the bearing is a tight fit.

But hmm, even it the center is tight the rest can spin…

Does the bearing spin inside the yoyo when apart? (Set the bearing the the yoyo and flick it)

Its eaither damage to the seat, dirt or something in the seat causing it not to spin. Or damage/dirt/junk on the Solid Spin.

Try this-

Take a que-tip,or something fluffy on a stick/piece…

Dip the end/fluffy part in some Rubbing Alcohol, or something related to that in forms of cleaning alcohol.

Then rub it in the bearing seat and on the metal part and thoroughly clean it.

And @studio42

I have a feeling the problem is this.

The solid spin has been someone pushed out just enough so that the bearing basically sits on the floor of the seat. Causing no spin.

This happened on my C3 Halo. The, ahh whats it called, the side effect sorta thingy… Forgot :-\

But, they got pushed out and the bearing say on the bearing seat floor and didn’t spin.

But yes a picture can help.


Take the caps out with a suction cup, or poke a tiny hole with a pin in the cap. And with the suction cup, suction the cap and pull, with the pin stick it in the hole you made as far as possible and pry it out. (Any small needle/tack)

Take both caps out and look at the solid spin. It it flush with the plastic or is it pushed out?

If its pushed out, you can-

Try with your hands to push it back in-


Get something like a-- lets use a pencil for example, but you need something stronger…

Use this

T For example<. The I part is the metal stick or for the example a Pencil.

The top of the T is the yoyo. Push on the yoyo and it should go in…

If not contact yoyoexpert and they can use their Press to push it back in…

Good luck :-\