Problem with Laws0n.

I really didn’t want to post this but I feel like I have to.
Just before you guys wonder who I am, I am doompod.
I am VERY active on a popular UK yoyo forum and have had many successful trades, as well as 1 from the USA (which you can see on my feedback here).
Now we have got that out of the way, I will begin.

I recently made a trade with a guy on the forums under the name Laws0n, it was his 888 and G5 for my ILYY and some plastics. All went smoothly, we got a deal, I posted and he posted a day later (on the 22 of October). I also have proof of postage for this. This guy has had 2 negative pieces of feedback (out of 20) and both of these were for bad communication but seeing as his communication had been prompt when he was speaking to me I let this slip.

It is now the 8th of November and he hasn’t been on, I have sent him a nice message asking if he has got my package and then a more negative one warning him that I would make this thread if he didn’t reply. See, the problem is my package never arrived (and I have been waiting 2 and a half weeks). I have asked the local postie if he could check for it on my end, he did and he found nothing. Now I have no idea if laws0n has my yoyos or where mine are. I have no doubt that he posted them but I need him to try and get the parcel on his end and let me know if he has mine.

I have no contact with laws0n and I have no yoyos. I don’t know what to do to move forward so I am asking you guys. If anyone has a way of contacting laws0n I would be great full.


Sometimes it takes longer to get to UK, I’ve sent things many times over there and sometimes takes up to three weeks.

As far as his communication, I agree with you, he needs to get in touch with you.

Bump, I am keeping my eye out for the package but still need to get in contact with laws0n.

Sorry for the bump but I’m still not getting anywhere.
It is now just past the 3 and a half week mark, still nothing and still no reply.
Will I just have to take the hit and give him negative feedback or is there some other solution? ???

Note: He hasn’t been on since the deal was made, I will try and contact him on the email he has connected to his account.

Contact a moderator. They usually have an easier time getting a hold of people, especially if they are linked to clubs nearby.

I’ve had nothing but pleasant transactions with Laws0n (I think 3 to date) and couldn’t disagree more with the ‘bad communication’. If anything, he’s a little too chatty haha.

I have his number. I’ll text him and see what’s up.

Sorry for the bump but I only just saw the post (almost a week later)
It would be a shame to give a guy like this negative feedback as he sounds like an ok person but this has gone on too long… :frowning:
Do you have an update Links??? as if I don’t get a reply by Christmas I feel I have no choice but to leave negative feedback (which I really don’t want to do).

He never responded :confused:

If you have his number why don’t you call him?

What is this, 1938? ‘Uhh hello operator, Klondike 3967 please’. ‘One moment, sir’.

I’ll give him a jangle tomorrow.

People can and do ignore text messages and you never know if it got there or not or if he’s just ignoring you… At least with a call you either get an answer (or not) or a message that the number is not valid.

A call is just so much more personal. :wink:

Ugh. How old am I that I know you left off a digit from that phone number, Links? (i.e Klondike 5-3967)

I’m only in my 40s but the house I grew up in read: Prescott 2-6007. I am old enough to have had a number like that. I never had a call like that though. I always just dialed (with a rotary dial) 26007 if I was in town. We only needed to dial 5 digits back then.

You guys crack me up.

Just called him - no response. But it didn’t say the number was inactive.

Too many OLD people in here.


Fixed that for you. :wink:

Fixed what sir?

Maybe you should try calling him using *67?