Problem with Eh


My friend managed to unscrew the axle while playing with my Spyy Eh. I screwed it back in, but now it doesn’t spin as long and I can feel vibrations coming up to my hand. Is there any way that I can fix this?


When you say unscrewed the axle what do you mean?
like did he take the yoyo apart?
did he remove the axle all the way?
Are you talking about the sleeve?
anyhow my guess with out knowing more would be you either the axle out and put it back in on the opposite side or not all the way down, or maybe all the way down but the axle may need to float.
And once again for the axle sleeve if you flipped this it may need to be flipped back.
your yoyo may not be screwed all the way together, or you may have over tightened it.
Wood yoyos are fickle you have to get everything just right or they play funny.


I thought you were going to say that you got the yoyo and it won’t sleep as long as your Chief out of the package… lol


What do you mean? Why wouldn’t it sleep as long as a Chief?

(not serious)


all my experience with fixed axle is they sleep longer than chiefs?!?!?!? so i have a problem with my chief???


Yeh bro, my Fixed axle broke the World record sleeptime.


My Zen 4’s axle isn’t threaded in the middle so it can be used as a fixed axle if you take out the bearing. I can get it to sleep over a minute!


The Eh still plays better than the BTH