Probably the most random thing u will read today.


lets say: someone calls ur house, its ur mom’s colleague from work and her and ur mom are on a first name basis but not much else outside of work. So u pick up the phone and she asks for ur mom, but she is not home because she is at her Tom Sawyer book club which will end at 4 oclock which she will then return home for ur family BBQ that u are making with ur neighborhood. so what do u say?

  1. Shes busy call back later

2 shes at her book club call back later

3 she is at her Tom Sawyer book club call back later

4 shes at her Tom Sawyer book club until 4 call back later

5 shes at her Tom Sawyer book club until our BBQ at 4

6 shes at her Tom Sawyer book club and wont be back until 4 when we have our neighborhood wide BBQ which should be fun!

what number are you?

This was just a test. an experiment if you will. with the many PMs ive exchanged with people i see many people who are wordy and are eager to tell u non important or unrelated information. But some are short and concise. sometimes too short. This was not meant to insult anyone, or about anyone specific. I would just like to hear your feedback.

(WildCat23) #2

#1 - Cut the crap, get to the point.

Sadly, this method doesn’t work for essays…


i feel u man…

(Q) #4

“If you get a shovel and a ride to the graveyard, you can talk to her face to face”


some people expect others to use complete sentences and double check your grammar, but nobody has time for that




“she’s not home call back later but I can take a message though.”



1… If your 7 you have too much time on your hands… Aint nobody got time fo dat




Nighttime with Finn and jack is weird.

(Jei Cheetah) #12

Oh she’s not here- wait… No…NO!
pop balloon

  • drop phone *
    Hang up.

(UmeNagisa) #13

I would do number 7
“Hey, My mom is rubbing cabbages on my dads back, can you call back later?”


#8 Don’t pick up the phone.