Don't leave your phone number on your BSTs... Lesson learned.

I got some kid with an asian accent calling me last night between 11PM-12PM from a blocked number. First call he asked about the yoyo case I had for sale and proceeded to offer up outrageous trades like a superstar for my $25 case. Anyway he hung up promptly and called back after several minutes from the same blocked number and I could hear myself talking so clearly he had the phone up to a speaker. I could hear the old Arnold Swharznegger(spelling?) sound board faintly multiple times.

Haha… funny right? Well whatever gets your rocks off I suppose. Unfortunately he’s ruined my experience with trusting our forum with my phone number, but hey, every forum has it’s problems I suppose. Lesson learned, no more listing my number down on the forums.

It’s too bad some kids really just don’t have any respect. I can’t trace the number as it’s “blocked” and it doesn’t show up on my wireless account either. Oh well. Lesson well learned.

The question is,
why are you suprised?

I’m surprised because my overall my experience with most yoyo dwellers has been of the innocent kind. It was stupid to leave my number on in the first place I suppose, but I gave it a chance and got burned. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve left my number numerous times on craigslist and have only gotten real offers. If anything craigslist would have these miscreants prank calling. I wouldn’t be surprised there.

** note I haven’t posted my case listing on craigslist so that’s how I know the caller is from here.

man that sucks pretty bad, so far I have found everyone on these boards provide a pleasant environment but I guess there is a bad apple in every batch

When you put something on the internet it is open to everyone in the world. End of story.

Also, Google Voice is great for this. People don’t get your real phone number and you can block anyone from calling you.

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Never put your phone nuber in the general area of the forum, whenever I give mine out, it’s in a PM, that way I can sort of narrow down who can get a hold of me.

I make it a policy not to include my phone or email on forums, including craiglist. The built in mail responder works fine for me.

Meh, I’ll still continue to post my number on craigslist whenever I need to sell something other than yoyo stuff. But I do like the suggestion of using my google voice number. Forgot I had one! That’s why I love you mrc…