Prize inside!! What is missing from this picture? TUXEDODAVE wins!!!

Working from home today … should be a light day for work. I do my morning stuff then decide to check YYE then throw a little before my next conference call. I look in my yoyo box but it’s not right.

Can you guess what is wrong with this picture?

The person who guesses correctly gets 5 lime green poly strings twisted up by TurboChicken!!! And you want them cause they are RAD strings!!!
Edit:I’ll even let you pick thick or thin string.

Hint1: Its more of “What is missing from this picture?”
Hint2: A savvy forum user could figure this out easily.
Hint3: I didn’tdo something sneaky to the yoyo’s or anything like that… I simply looked at the yoyo box and said “Oh no he didn’t!!!”
Hint4: You can figure out the answer just from the stuff I’ve posted here on YYE.

There is only half a yoyo next to the spacers

its vertical but was meant to be taken horizontal

The picture was taking the wrong way making it seem like the spacers are holding up the yoyos

All duncan except for the white yyj?

Looks like you’re missing half of a raider

PSG is missing!

I was gonna say that! He sent it away recently.

Oh, then I guess it’s not really missing.

Missing the freehand zero he won from skyhigh .

Yoyo string is missing from this picture!

Dat FHZ is missing.

The speed maker!!!

PM me your address… you want the Fat version or just regular YYE poly thickness?

Heck yeah… my kid probably took it to school to show his yoyo buddies. I’m sure he’s the cool guy on the playground today.

I think I need my own personal yoyo box now… it’s the first time i’ve said. “Dang he took THAT ONE to school!” I just wasn’t ready to let it roam free out in the world yet.

Last night he said, “I’m going to use the new green one for the talent show.”
then I said, “You better save up your chore tokens and buy your own! >:(”
his response “I spent all of them for TV and video game time… Can you just sell or trade all the other yoyo’s for one of those? It’s the best one ever!”

Guess we’ll be looking at the BST’s when he gets home from school :D… He’s 11 i think it’s time for him to learn how to mow the lawn … wonder what the mow the lawn to FHZ conversion rate is these day’s?

4 mown lawns per FHZ. :wink:

Nope it’s a whole YYJ Speedmaker… love that thing. That’s the take everywhere yoyo.

haha… you thought too much about it

I can see that… it does look odd

There a Spintastics Blade in there too … that thing looks exactly like the Magic Yoyo T8. I think that is who they used to make that yoyo myself.

Don’t own a raider… but im trying to see what your talking about… possibly the limelight


Hellz Yeah it is :-[ flippin kid.

No man… it’s the white one.

Chore tokens? Please elaborate on this. Sounds interesting.

you win.

i’ll send you a pm on the token system … i went off on a tangent and it’s waaaayyyy too long to post here.

pm it to me too, sounds interesting