Winner of Samad's "Yo-Yo Expert Contest"

I think I captured that Xela and Kim won the contests right?

I need addresses.
Advanced Prize: Xela gets a mint half RED half BLUE PGM and a Bundle (50 strings per bundle) of Red Chaos string and a Bundle of Blue Chaos String

Beginner Prize: Kim gets a MIP Velocity Premium and a bundle of some string (tbd when I get home to see which bundle I have left)

So, if these are in fact the winners, Congrats and send me your addresses!

Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

woo it is a good thing I bought those red chaos strings before you did, there is only like one package left…unless you just have stashes of those strings everywhere.

Anyway…congrats to both of you…if you are the winners, which I think you are.

Cool!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Congrats to Xela and Kim. Hope you will enjoy your prizes :wink:

thanks chris, samad and all others!

Wait, Is this contest over? Samad, Doc, weigh in here please.

for me the contest is not over!!!
but thanks

I really don’t think the contest is over. It’s just that we don’t exactly know who’s running it at the moment. Again, it would be weird if the contest was over after only two rounds in each class.

It’s not over…?

Yikes! Sorry for the confusion Mr. Allen!
No, the contest is not over. I am actually restarting it this weekend, because it will be easier for me to keep up because I have spring break. I need to update a few things, so be prepared everyone, because almost everyone are sure to be battling now. Contest will “officially” be over, and the winners will be known in two weeks.

Get ready guys! Its gonna be fun :wink: Also, if you already have a video up you are using for the contest, re-send it to me when you are battling. You can upload videos even before you battle, but if I get any early, it will not count.

Also, remember, 5 tricks maximum. If going over the limit, you will have a deduction of 5 points per extra trick.

Cough cough5A competitioncough cough.

Well, now we know what the Advanced people are getting. :wink: