Who Won?

I’m opening the polls to the next contest right now!

Prize: YYF Grind Machine, String, and a yoyotricksnow.com “Spin To Win” t-shirt

Click This Link ====> http://yoyotricksnow.com/yoyo/2010/11/30/get-your-vote-on-post-a-comment/

I got 15 entries for this contest and there pretty awesome. I will be announcing the winners of the facebook/twitter fan page drawing (yoyojam yo-yo’s and string) and the opening week referral competition (DV888 and string) at the end of this week. So check your emails and the forums because you will only get 24 hours to claim your prize or I will draw a new winner!

talk soon,


p.s. Winning the contest is about getting the post seen by as many people as you can and getting them to vote for you. Send it to as many people as you can. Use your facebook and Twitter to let people know to come vote for you. Give them this link… http://yoyotricksnow.com/yoyo/2010/11/30/get-your-vote-on-post-a-comment/

p.s.s. One more thing…please don’t spam the yo-yoing forums begging for votes…there is a share button at the top right of the post…use it to get the poll out to everyone you can.

Got the polls fixed too (no more multiple voting!)…sorry about that :frowning: its working now!

I’m pulling the poll down friday so keep gettin those votes in!!!