Kim-Lan Won an M1 from Stringburn Live!




Man that was fast. I was just about to post this. Congrats kim-lan.


Wow, that’s a big give-away! Good job! :wink:

(JonasK) #4

Yeah, she was super-fast on looking up the answer.

Really awesome that you won Kim-Lan.

Addment: When thinking of it, I’m pretty glad that I didn’t win.


Thanks. ;D

I think Douglas Brown should have won it, but I guess I can’t complain.

(Chris Allen) #6

Congrats Kim, enjoy the M1, you’ll love it

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Oh nice one. :wink:

(SR) #8

Congradulations! You will love the M1!


Wow, Nice score Kim-Lan! Have fun with it! :slight_smile:



May I ask what is Stringburn live?


This is their website:

It’s every Saturday at 10:00AM Central.


I saw it on One-Drops forum yesterday. I woke up today at 8:00 and said…ah, I’ll sleep a couple more minutes, SBL is kinda long. I woke up 3 hours later, looked at the clock and said, ah, what the heck. I hope Johnny, Kim-Lan, or someone I know won it :smiley:


(Johnny T) #14

Congratulations Kim-Lan. Hope you enjoy your M1.


How did this happen? I wasn’t there. Congrats Kim.

Happy Throwing! ==]


You don’t have to be there for it to happen. The world doesn’t revolve around you. ::slight_smile:


No, I mean that I didn’t know what happened that Kim won?

Happy Throwing! =]

(JonasK) #18

What’s the weight of a Sunset Trajectory in grams?

lots of guesses

Kim-Lan: 51


oh, lol

Happy Throwing! =]

(JonasK) #20

Yeah she looked it up way faster than me.

You should not miss String Burn LIVE! It is a great show, not only because of the giveaway, also because it actually sounds like a news show.

Addment: When thinking about it, it is a news show,