SBL - EP 9 - The Peak! Saturday at 10am Central!


Hey guys (and gals! Did you hear that a gal won the contest the other week!!! How cool is that!!!)… anywho… Hey everyone!

String Burn LIVE! will be broadcasting LIVE! on Saturday morning at

11am East Coast
10am Central time (UTC - 5)
9am Mountain
8am Pacific

In this episode Josh may or may not be joined by a cohost… aren’t you on pins and needles to find out???

There will be a review of The Peak by Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works, specifically the Wintergreen variety.

Oh and voicemails!!! I am very disappointed in the number of voicemails that we have gotten on the show!!! So please, call and leave us a voicemail with your question, comment or concern to 210-STBURNL (210-782-8765) so that the world can hear your lovely voice on our show!

And emails!!! we read your emails too, so if you don’t want your voice on our show but still have something to say, please email it to us at !

Anything and everything you got, news, contests, opinions about the world yo-yo contest results, thoughts on your most/least favorite yo-yo or a yo-yo we have reviewed please, we need your voicemails and emails and 210-782-8765.



Did I mention that 6th place world yo-yo champion Alex Berenguel will be there to both review The Peak (bias maybe?) and teach a new trick?

Because he totally is!

If you have a question for Alex Berenguel please call and leave a voicemail with the question to 210-STBURNL or email it to us at



Sweet! I will definitely be watching.



I must watch is Alex is on…


If only I can wake up that early


Not sure if I can…

A gal won the M1 too, haha


OHEMGEEZ!!! That’s true!!! Now I feel foolish because I didn’t know that… I just assumed it was an Asian dude named Kim.

(Shisaki) #8

Just wait till Kim sees this :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully the prospect of winning your very own Wintergreen Peak will be motivation to wake up ;D


I may actually get to watch this.


do i just watch on the site? and how do i make it so i can win the peak??


Its too late for this week. :-\

(SR) #13

Is there anything else you can win? How do you win? ???


I think Samad was teasing you.

We will be broadcasting live starting tomorrow morning at 10am. During our broadcast we will ask a trivia question, and we will ask you to email the answer to the trivia question in the subject line of an email to Then we will choose a random winner from the pile of correct answers and announce the winner on the show.

Feel free to watch a previous episode to get a better feel for what happens in a standard episode.


(SR) #15

Thanks I will try to participate! I love your show! Watching it for the first time now, really great.


I wasn’t teasing. I was being stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:
This morning I thought it was Saturday o.O
I will try to watch. You do NOT realize how much I want a Peak.


Did I mention that National Yo-Yo Master Dazzling Dave will be cohosting the show this week?

9 Hours and 20 Minutes and counting!


I won’t have a computer to watch it on! D:

How about just sending me a Peak anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

(JonasK) #19

I’m not desperate for a Peak, but the show is great and I have nothing agains a free yoyo.

The show is so awesome. And Kirby is awesome at rapping, get him to rap some more.


2 Hours till we broadcast LIVE! Can you feel the tension? Are you going to win The Peak?