SBL! – EP 024 – Lucky 7 – Tomorrow at 10am Central

Check us out! String Burn LIVE! WOOOOOO!

We are reviewing the Madhouse Lucky 7 and Local Yo-Yoer Justin Foell will be in studio to teach us a yo-yo trick.

We love hearing from you. In fact, you’re the whole reason that we do the show. So please email us or call and leave us a voicemail. Call us and tell us what yoyo you want the most for the holiday season!

210-STBURNL (210 782-8765)

We webcast LIVE! at 10am Central time which is UTC – 6 hours
• 11am Eastern
• 9am Mountain
• 8am Pacific
I do hope you’ll join us.

Sadly, I won’t be able to watch this one due to tests.

Only like 3 hours till show time! And still nobody has called us to tell us what yo-yo they want the most for Christmas!

210-STBURNL (210 782-8765)

Show starting in like a minute! ;D

Good show guy’s, Well Done. Can’t wait for the Hatrick next week. I would kill for that yoyo… but not a person, something small like a tomato, definetally not a spider though, their icky

Wow. My name is Jesse, I had the answer right, I was so excited when they said the winner was Jesse…then they said the last name and it wasn’t mine. I was sooo mad.

But I want the Hattrick more anyway, haha I’ll just win next week.

i wanted to win the sweatshirt and yoyo so badly :’(

Show is posted now!  7k viewers.  Crazy.