SBL - 011 - Liopleurodon


String Burn LIVE! will be webcasting LIVE! this Saturday at 10am central time. Sean Sauter will be back as the co-host substituting for Kirby as he continues to be out on assignment to the Minnesota Renaissance festival. Our guest this week is local yo-yoer Nick Williams who will be teaching “a really cool trick” (his words).

Oh, did I mention that we will be reviewing the Leopleurodon which was genriously donated by ILOVEYOYO? Because we totally are. And did I mention that you could win that yo-yo to be your very own when you watch the show on Saturday? Because you totally can.

11am Eastern (UTC -4)
10am Central (UTC -5)
9am Mountain (UTC -6)
8am Pacific (UTC -7)

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(JonasK) #2

ZOMG Lio!!! I haz to winz!!!


roflcopter noob pwn!


(SR) #4

I will be watching!


I will not. I need to sleep, lol.

cough make it later* cough

(JonasK) #6

Sai wha+ me thinkz taht 5pm iz a gud tiem… ;D ;


Starts in two and a half hours!

(SR) #8

Cool, I am watching right now.


Episode and show notes are now posted!!!