String Burn Live - Online YoYo show

(Chris Allen) #1

I am posting this on behalf of the String Burn show.

[quote] String Burn LIVE! is the only LIVE video talk show for yo-yoers. In each episode we will delve into the weeks yo-yo news, contests and events, followed by an interactive trick tutorial, and then we will do an in-depth review of a yo-yo, and each episode will conclude by us giving away the yo-yo that we reviewed to one lucky viewer in our chat room. In this week’s episode we will be reviewing the Plastic Grind Machine Version 2.

So tune in at 10am Central Time (UTC – 6) at to join us in our fun.
With permission from schalicto, will also be streaming this on the YoYoSkills home page

(Jesse) #2



I missed it :frowning:

Let’s hope they make a podcast like YoYoRadio.


You can still watch it even if you missed it.


I really do love String Burn Live :slight_smile:

I’m following them on Twitter, but because I don’t check twitter often, I always miss what they say, haha.

(Jesse) #6

Yeah they said they’re making a podcast.

(Derek) #7

Ya, it was awesome, I saw their show today. I was signed in as Derekkca.