Look at the specs and the shape.

Have not received my review Prestige yet but I have a Nile and Holy Hell is it a good yo-yo.

It isn’t a stretch to see them have similar specs. Frank is on the General-Yo team and Ernie steered Frank in the high RPM yo-yo design direction. When it comes to yo-yos, on paper they can have identical specs while playing totally different.

I just took photos of them and overlapped um on Photoshop. They are a bit different, but spec-wise they are pretty close

They do look quite similar. However, I prefer the play of the Prestige.

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I can assure you that Ernie nor I even knew anything about the Nile. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything about it. They may have kinda similar specs, but the Prestige plays pretty unique. And considering how different the weight placements are on the yoyo, I guarantee you they play quite differently. And the shape is fairly different also.

No accusations, just something I noticed. I’ve been wanting an ILYY for a while, so I might get this fora comparison review.

I never look at other throws when I am designing.
If something is similar to other throws, it is by chance.
I gatta say though, I have a Nile and think it is the best ILYY they have made.
Never did look at the specs. Just threw it.

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You could also say they both look like the YYR Acrophobia/E=MC^2/Blink too. They released long ago and design elements from them are just showing up in non-JP throws. Maybe the next step will be massive rim-weighting with a cylindrical core to contribute to longer spin and stability?

I still haven’t seen a better favorite trick on the forums than yours :).

If they’re so similar, it means they are both good. :slight_smile: