General Yo Prestige: A High Speed YoYo Review

Those of you wondering if General Yo is sticking with the new direction of making competition-geared yo-yos need stop wondering. It looks like Ernie has no intention of shying away from this new design ethic. He started down this path with the KLR and then kept the ball rolling with subsequent releases such like the Majesty, M10, and Majesty v.2. Now he is bringing out his latest release, the Prestige. This latest release looks to take what has been learned from the Majesty and M10 and fuse it together into one design. Now the question is whether or not this is a good thing. Time to find out.

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Awesome review as usual Chris!!! What a great yoyo!!

It plays a lot better when you go fast, seems almost like I’m holding it back when I go slow.

Great review! It’s worth mentioning (unless I missed it?) that while your review model was the standard blast with AIGR bearing, there are also pyramatte with Buddha Ripple bearing models.

With regard to the hub, you can also pull-start (like with hubstacks, though with less force, so you get a medium spin instead of a crazy spin) as well as tilt a breakaway or sleeper to horizontal for the fingerspin. No need to hop, although the hop will be the most impressive.

Been loving this yoyo. Instant love that also endures (so far; it’s only been ough a few weeks!).