ILOVEYOYO Nile: A High Speed YoYo Review

ILOVEYOYO (ILYY) is known for some amazing, and sometimes completely bonkers, designs. That being said, they have been flying under the radar as of late. I think this is partly to do with a lack of a more “competition” oriented yo-yo in their design line up. Their latest release, The Nile, looks to change this and we have Ernie Kaiser from General Yo to thank. Ernie suggested to Frank that he design a yo-yo like this. Those wondering if there link between these two companies need look no further. Frank from ILYY was invited to become a member of General Yo’s competition team a few years back and has been a member for some time, although Frank and Ernie have been friends quite a bit longer. In taking Ernie’s suggestion, ILYY has created a yo-yo completely different from their past efforts. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen. Time to check out ILYY’s big foray into competition style, high RPM yo-yos.

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How does it compare to similarly priced yoyos such as the Format:C and Prestige?

I’ll give you an answer on how it compares to the Prestige when I receive one the Prestige for review. :slight_smile:

Between it and the Format:C is doing a disservice to both yo-yos. There was a completely different design philosophy when designing each. The Format:C is an amazing player with high stability and an amazing feel. The Nile is and amazing player with high stability and an amazing feel. They feel completely different on the string with the Format:C feeling a little faster while the Nile is better at grinds. After playing both, if I had to choose just one I don’t know if I could, it would honestly depend on my mood at that instance.

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…and this reviewer has definitely been known to be moody at times…! ;D


sickest engravings ever… Nile is one of my favorite bands, might have to pick this up just for graphic alone

This throw is SOOOO GOOD. There is a good chance that I will be picking up one of these candy blasted niles to go along with my V1 and V2 proto’s I have.
I have over 50 high end metals in my collection and the NILE is so good it has me thinking about selling off a huge chuck of yoyos because I don’t play them any more.
Don’t think twice about getting one while they are in stock it will be one of the best yoyo buys you will ever make.

It’s a beautiful yoyo, has the best blasting I’ve seen so far (even better than the praised Gen Yo blasting), and has a unique feel to it, comfortable, smooth and edgy at the same time.
If you have moneys to spend, this is worth your consideration!