ilyy appreciation


I got my first iloveyoyo not too long ago, (a torino) and I love it! Its the smoothest thing I’ve ever thrown. And the finish on it is really high quality… what do you guys think about iloveyoyo’s throws? Which ones do you think are the best?


I like the ILYY and OD Sakura! Though it being my first and only high-end throw, my opinion may be a bit biased :smiley:


This one guy here as the majority, if not all, the models made by ilyy


Wasabi, lio, mary, e1ns are my four favorites. 2wei isn’t too bad either.


Yup, I have a liopluedora (or however you spell that). Very nice organic, smooth yoyo. The finish is without compare.


Yeah the torino is the only ilyy ive ever thrown but im definitely gonna try to get another when I have money because this is a quality throw.


The only one I’ve played so far is a 2WEI, and I adore it. It may quite possibly be my favorite full sized throw (I tend to prefer undersized and midsized). I’ve never played a full sized throw that was quite as maneuverable as my 2WEI. When dealing with complex string formations, it hits the strings you need it too, and seemingly avoids all the others. It’s like it has a mind of its own. :slight_smile:

Also, I have a Lynx coming my way this week! I have very high hopes for it, but I’m trying to contain myself…


Try an e1ns. Actually forgot to mention that as one of my favs also.

Same shape as the 2wei but undersized. Might be up your alley.


I almost got an e1ns instead of the torino… maybe I’ll get one someday but im glad I got the torino


Similar to the 2wei except more solid. Torino’s good also, just different feel.


I’ve been trying for a few weeks to work out a trade for an E1NS, but I’ve had no luck thus far. I actually got a 2WEI because it was similar to an E1NS! lol. I don’t regret it at all. :slight_smile:


Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2 Nile v2


OH! And how could I forget! I recently got a custom painted Sakura as an extra in a trade. ;D


I’m guessing you really like the v2 Nile?

(Alex Fairhurst) #15

My buddy got a Void for his first metal almost 2 years ago. This thing only has like 2 dings and has recently developed a pretty bad vibe out of the blue. Not too big a fan of ILYY to be honest.

But then again I’ve only tried the one throw. Maybe a few others at contests but if I did I don’t remember.


I love ILYY and have the Lynx, Sakura, Josy Ann and Nile. Favorites are the Lynx and Nile. Great yoyos!

Since no one really mentions the Josy Ann I’ll just highlight it by saying it plays surprisingly like an FHZ, moreso than any metal I’ve tried so far.


I wish ILYY makes more of their yo-yos. I always wanted valve and sakura.


I have 6 ILLYs and I love all of them. The Lio is great and the Nile can go toe to toe with any throw out there. Don’t hesitate to get one if you can.


What version Nile do you have? I have a v1 Nile :slight_smile:


I agree with Jordan. The Nile v2 is awesome.
I also love the 2012 Fury, the OG Fury and Enigma. Really, really fun throws.

I’m lucky, though. I can pick from all of the ILYY creations. Here’s a post with pics. It only shows the v1 Nile, though. My v2 Nile is not in the pic.