How good are the yoyos from the brand ILOVEYOYO

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Really nice.



There you have it. Get one.

I got a VOID off BST. First ILYY ever. Good stuff.

ILYY makes excellent products. I’ve owned a Falcon, E1NS, Fury, and Trvth. They really strive to make unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing yoyo’s. I can’t say which one I liked better, they’ve all held a place near and dear in my everchanging collection.

One thing that keeps most people away from their products is their use of KMK bearings. They are essentially the same as a Large C bearing, but are not interchangeable. Don’t let that keep you away from their great products though. They one’s I’ve owned have been incredibly fun to play.

Which yoyo should i get from ILYY? I was thinking about getting 2wei or Noctu


get a lio or enigma ive tried almost all those are IMO the best, the noctu is a looker and a concept as is the pybit and trvth ;D hope u make a good choice

New lios are coming out in candy blast and some other finishes, and titanium.
I believe they have been considering going to c size, but I may have misread.
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I love my Liopleurodon!

ILYY make a lot of favorites!

They make some of the best yoyos on the market, with some of the best finishes. The only thing is they all use a metric bearing, instead of the standard C size most companies use, (which is kind of an issue for me), but they make up for it in play. I would recommend the Lio or Lynx as a starting point. Good luck!

You can’t go wrong with any of the ILYY products. the 2WEI looks amazingly fun, organic shape, a big wide bad boy. The noctu, as infamous as it is, is fun and dangerous at the same time. I’ve heard a many of horror stories about that yoyo. Personally I’m trying to snag a few ILYY atm. A Lio, a Lynx, a Trvth, a E1NS, and a Mary. Though i’ll probly just get the 2012 Lio when it drops. Another thing i LOVE about ILYY is their colors, no loud splashes, no dumb acid washes. Just solid beautiful colors and any anodizer will tell you…solid colors are harder than splash/acid to pull off without ano flaws.

Two Thumbs up for ILYY!

the Facon is los of fun!

I have a Sakura and I love it. The finish that ILYY puts on their trows is really nice: really slick with just enough texture for grinding. The only bad thing, as someone said before, is that they use a metric bearing instead of a size C. My YYF bearing tool will not remove it, and nothing else will change with it, and it is probably hard to find a concave or center-trac to fit. The Sakura is in my top 3 picks.

I’m very interested to see what the guys at Monkeyfinger do with their lio anos.
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I just received the Valve review unit yesterday. Had a short bit of time to throw it before setting it aside until I get to the review process. It’s a nice little throw. I’d say the greyhound is my favorite Ilyy. It’s stunningly beautiful and plays amazingly.
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I have an '09 Mary, one of my favorite throws. The 6x13x5mm bearing is like a C size bigger stronger brother. I keep a S/Cm Wing Cut ceramic in mine.