Hey guys, Im a seasoned thrower and lately I’ve been branching out and trying throws from companies I haven’t tried yet, I.e. VSNYYC and ILYY. I haven’t tried ILYY yet and aside from their strange bearing size they seem like a great company. I usually abstain from buying throws w/out size C bearings (just a preference of mine) but, the specs and candy blast finish of the 2011 falcon really caught my eye. I usually do thorough research before buying a new throw… So I was wondering: what’s the general consensus of ILYY? I haven’t really heard too much about them so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

They make great throws! I love ho most of their designs are so classic and simple. Thy are really smooth and the sILYYcone is a great response system. The falcon is a pretty kickin’ throw! I personally like the Noctu and the e1ns. :slight_smile:

Personally, I have never played an ILYY that I liked… the wasabi was decent, but other than that, I didnt really like the feel. Not saying you shouldnt get one, but thats my 2 cents

Your a seasoned thrower…but you haven’t heard of ILYY?

They make outstanding throws. The bearing plays no different than a standard C sized bearing and is just as readily available. The only issue you will have with the bearing size is finding a KK version if you’re into that kind of thing…

Their candy and candodized finish are second to none. They look stunning and grind superb. They are one of the few companies that crosses the line as far as the norm goes with their designs and succeed.

there really is something for everyone from ILYY. The Falcon is a great yoyo. It’s super fun, grinds are easy to pull off, it looks amazing in person, the spikes are very useable for pull starts. You can’t go wrong.

Also consider the Lio, Fury (H Shaped), and Lynx.

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I said I hadnt TRIED them, not haven’t HEARD of them. I have heard people talk about them and read reviews just never thrown one personally.

Don’t get all excited dude.

Good to see you read the first sentence and disregarded the rest of my post. Regardless, you’re welcome.

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I didn’t disregard it. I actually hit the thank you button for it but it didn’t go through cause my phone is dumb. I didn’t mean to sound hostile at all. I think I’m actually gonna get a falcon now. The KK isn’t an issue for me because they don’t work with my style. I just don’t like em, snag too much… I heard that The candy blast is sweet from other people too. Thanks for your advice! :slight_smile:

Thanks dude. I appreciate that. I apologize for being a nunchuck. I was a little bit out of line. Nonetheless I just wanted to help.

I’m a huge fan of ILYY. They make outstanding yoyos. I really can’t understand why people avoid them because of their choice in bearing size. I’ve never had a bearing crap out on me personally. Whether it be a c or metric size. And if it does than you go a few days without one if you don’t have a spare.

Yeah no prob, I try to keep it friendly. Anyways, yeah I just like all my bearings to be the same size. Makes it easier. I’m not gonna miss out on a great throw because of that though.

them using metric bearings isn’t really a big deal. a couple other companies use the same size. And h spin also uses different sizes. But they both make some amazing yoyos.
I haven’t tried a whole lot of ilyy, but from what I have tried (josy ann, noctu (2008 and 2010), 2wei) they’re some of the best throws I have. Easily one of my top 3 favourite companies.

Many people stay away from H Spin and ILYY because of that. It’s a lot easier to have a collection of yoyo’s with the same bearing size. On the other hand I personally never saw it to be an issue. I never had a bearing of any size die out on me in the 2 years I’ve been yoyoing. If one should die, I have backups I acquired through trades and if I didn’t…it’s too easy to order one.

I hope you get the oppurtunity to try one out. They are an amazing company. Definitely at the top of my list as well.

Although there really isn’t a company I don’t like. Individual yoyo’s are a different story.

I agree except for one part. I recently got an H-Spin Corlis Prototype. I am really likingthis and it comes with a metric bearing. I took the bearing out and put it right next to a regular C bearing, and unless the size differences are really super small, I can’t tell them apart otherwise. It is better if you can to have the same bearing everywhere just to have fewer spare parts, but that shouldn’t really be a major part of the decision making process. Bearings can always been replaced or a spare can be ordered, just label stuff so you know what is what later on.

So far, there hasn’t been a yoyo that I’ve thrown that I haven’t liked, well except for this one Chinese branded yoyo that is in fact a piece of junk. Other than that, I really like practically anything. The only other yoyo I am not liking a lot is the YYF Mighty Flea, but that is only because my skill level is not sufficient for enjoying this yoyo yet. That’s OK, it was bought as something to challenge me and for later to be my go-to pocket throw.

My only reservation about ILYY is their high price tag. They have several models I am interested in getting, so I’ll probably need to go the BST route for these.

The other minor issue is that if you’re considering other brands, there’s lots of good stuff by a lot of brands. Also, for some reason, most yoyo companies seem to maintain a low profile so it’s almost like you have to know what you are looking for to find them. Just try to keep in mind that you want to find a yoyo that best suits your style of play, which is going to take time, money and a lot of “trial and error”. My suggestion for all of us is if there is a local yoyo club, join it. You might be able to try other people’s stuff,which can make the trial and error part more fun, as well as avoid wasting money and saving lots and lots of time.

Lots of good stuff. Lots of good brands. Too many choices!

Organization is key. I have little baggies and a small photo case to hold all my essentials. The only spare bearings I personally have at the moment are C sized Ten Balls so it’s not hard. I’m not a fan of CT or KK and Ten Balls are (like many) my preference.

There aren’t too many yoyo’s I don’t enjoy either. Everything brings something different to the table. There are however a select few I highly prefer so I keep my collection down to those throws.

It’s difficult to keep up with some brands. New stuff comes and goes in an instant between the numerous shops and by the time you hear of it…it’s just too late to get one. Look for blogs specific to the manufacturer. They often help out. Even then release dates are fuzzy and you can never be sure. It’s part of the excitement.

Yayer, I just ordered my ILYY Falcon. Super stoked. Thanks guys!