A little ILYY

EDIT Dec 6, 2013: Apparently, my ILYY collection wasn’t as complete as I thought.

Hi again folks,
I’ve collected a few new ILYY throws including 2 more Niles, another Enigma and the engraved Void (which plays so smooth, btw). Here’s the newly updated pics. Now that this case is full, I guess I’m going to have to get another one?

The case

Void, Engraved Void, E1ns, Wasabi, Mary
Phase, 2wei, Red Fury, Josy Ann, Grey Fury
Valve, Nile v1, Nile production run, Nile v2, St.Eel

Green Gold Enigma, Blue Enigma, Trvth, Orange/Red Enigma, Liopleurodon
Rocket, Grey Noctu, Greyhound, Lynx, Blue Noctu
Falcon, Sakura SE, Pybit, Sakura, Torino

Those are great! The ILYY collection looks great with all those solid candy looking colours.

Yeah, I like the contrast of the active, vibrant colorways of VSNYYC to the bold, yet elegant solids of ILYY.

…where the heck did THAT come from? I sound like a wine connoisseur. ???

I feel just about the exact opposite. The splashes on the VSNYYC’s just seem too busy for me, as most splashes do. The near-white color of that raw Skywalker is the best looking of the lot in my opinion. Splashes are the new thing, whereas the gorgeous sheen of the ILYY throws combines with the solid color to create a timeless look that still pops.

/connoisseur mode

That’s the whole thing though. I can appreciate both. Because when you’re throwing it, it all blends together anyway. But a splash looks it’s coolest the moment when the yoyo stops spinning, especially the Wong Loaded Moonwalker. To see it go from a chocolate/copper color to all the bright rainbow colors is pretty cool.

Dude where did you get the awesome case that holds your vsyyw?

It’s just Zeekio case. http://zeekio.com/products/yoyocase.html
I have the black (VSNYYC), the red (ILYY) and the camo versions (my daily/damaged throws).

Turned out to be a lot of fun trying all of these out.

That’s an incredible collection. Here’s another one you are missing. I think there were only 8 (maybe 10) made. There is a matching Wasabi though I’ve never seen one.

Edit - accidentally put the same pic up twice. Doh!

Whoa! Sweet Mary! (literally)
Mine is a 2008 candyblast like yours, but it has no engravings. There were only TWO that were engraved and they were the prototypes for the 2008 run.
Very nice! :smiley:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have the OG Wasabi and Mary as well. Two of my favorite yo-yos in my collection.

I contacted Frank a few years ago and he told me there were either 8 or 10 of each engraved model made. I just can’t remember which. I’ll shoot him an email and try to find out. I definitely know it was more than two. I’ll post here with any info regarding this.

Oh really? I was going off their website. The only engraved Mary had a “limitation” of 2. Either way, it’s a killer throw. I love throwing all ILYYs. Even the Trvth. I didn’t think it would play well, but it really does. My favorite is the Fury, though. Awesome H shape.

Hmm, I just checked the site and it does indeed say that it’s a limitation of 2. Funny thing, I remember a year or two ago seeing the other one on a BST. I would have tried to get it if I knew it was the only other one. :slight_smile:

Mike that first pic looks like platter full of yumminess.

Very nice!

Thanks, Bob.
Candyblast really is the sweetest surface treatment of all.

My favorite by far.

Quite jealous of this collection Mike. :slight_smile:

ILYY holds a spot near and dear to my heart. First really good metal I owned was my 2012 Fury, and it’s holding steadfast to my other H-shapes that I just got.

Mind shooting me a message if you ever see a normal Fury anywhere for sale? That is, if you’re not going to buy it. :wink:

very nice collection.

i like the new display case :smiley:

That is really nice. I wish they would make more Pybits and Trvths.

Ain’t that the TRUTH. Haha! Get it? Trvth…

Really though, I just come here for a good smile every once and a while.