ILYY Void - 1st Impression

I have never written a review, nor do i intend this to be one, I simply wish to talk about the ILYY Void.
I work at at Galaxy Science and Hobby and we recently struck a deal with ILYY and we finally received some of our order, which consisted of the Voids and one Pearl 2.0 (Bead blasted grey anoded falcon), My boss called the falcon and i convinced him to let me take one of the red and one of the blue voids and purchase it as a bi-color, and i must say it looks beautiful! The shape is amazing, more flat as opposed to something like the Star LINE by yyf which kinda has the same shape but the edges are angular on them.
On the first play it simply floated down the string, it was beautiful, this is an amazing throw, at least for me, and i intend to use it for 5a once i get a little better, dont wanna beat her up just yet.
It is extremely stable, though i had one problem with it, The bearing, when i first got it it was smooth as silk, and then suddenly it locked up, so as i am no novice i checked it and it felt grainy, i de-shielded it and cleaned it in naphtha and hit it with a can of air, and for some reason there was a small catch spot, so this bearing has kind of upset me, otherwise this thing is amazing. Well worth the price, as it is ILYY’s cheapest throw. I very much suggest it for someone who enjoys the starlite, protostar or something along those profiles only smaller and less angular, also would be great for 5a play!

ILYY is on the top of my list of high quality yoyos. The fit and finish is always perfect and the 6x13x5 metric bearing size is like a C on steroids. Glad to see a price break.

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I would love to see pictures of that falcon you spoke of.

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Wow, that’s really nice there.