I’ve been looking into ILOVEYOYO recently (specifically the Noctu, Torino, and Fury), and I was wondering what everyone thought of them. Any and all thoughts are appreciated, thanks


They have a diverse product line full of great designs.

My personal favorite is the Sakura SE. It is an undersize player with excellent performance.


Wow. The Sakura SE might be the prettiest yo-yo I’ve ever seen.

However, I’m looking for something a little more competition-oriented. Also, I’ve already got plenty of slightly undersized mid to high-walled throws, and a couple One Drops. Thanks for the suggestion though; the Sakura sure is purdy


I’ve noticed that most of ilyy’s line isn’t competition oriented. most of their throws are very organic like the e1ns and don’t perform that well for horizontal play if you’re into that. The one that I haven’t tried is the Nile which seems like something more of the current style.


That’s pretty true. Then again, in my mind, the only things separating a “competition” throw from a regular one are: stability and sleep time, as well as some (kind of) low walls. Either way, I like organic throws, as well as thinner yo-yos, and I have no plans to do horizontal (I don’t understand the point of it. It’s the same as a downward throw, but sideways).


It’s a lot more difficult and therefore scores higher in competitions. I’m not a fan of it myself but I’ve accepted that if I want to start competing seriously then it will be very beneficial to learn it…


I have a Nile and wow was I amazed at how great it was. It’s full sized, very balanced and is somewhat of a floaty throw.

Only thing that sucks is theres not many! Only 11 of the v1 Proto and I wanna say 16 of the v2 Proto, I have the first version proto.


I’ve learned to compensate by bringing more of a performance aspect into my time onstage. For instance, I did a routine to Canned Heat (the song from Napoleon Dynamite) complete with dancing


My old ILYY Mary is my favorite… I enjoy fast under sized throws…


From what you said you were looking for you need to track down a Nile. You will not be disappointed.


The Fury was pretty good and performance based. You might check it out.


Thanks for your input everyone!
To the reviews/BST/store!!



Fury and Torino will be the easiest for you to find. I think there’s a Phase or Greyhound lying around somewhere in a store or someone’s shelf. But if you want to collect try getting a Nile v1 or v2. I owned two v1’s when they hit yoyoexpert. They were great. ILYY is an amazingly diverse company enjoy your searching!


Personally, I believe their older throws are more organic compared to their current running line. Sakura SE, Fury, Greyhound would be fair competition pieces. I’ve only tried the 2012 Fury. Do keep in mind that the Grey 2012 Fury is 3 grams lighter than the Red Fury, and I do not believe that YYE ever updated the weight. You check out information like that on their website I’ve heard some very good stuff about their budget oriented throws, The Valve and Void.