How about ILYY?

They haven’t been real active lately but I really like the looks of some of their earlier designs. They’re just such older designs than what I’m used to. (The oldest design I have is the new y factor; second oldest would be the puffin or comeback Avalanche) Are these older shapes now obsolete or can they keep up with today’s multi string wrap tricks, horizontals, and so forth? The yoyos I’m looking at are the E1NS 09, Greyhound, valve, Lynx, falcon, or even the new Nile. The trvth seems way too thin but could still be an option. Thanks guys.

Ps, Why does there seem to be no love for this small German company? No one ever says a peep about 'em.

There are definitely some who have ILYY vibes:,51189.0.html

The nile is actually a really modern shape and would be fine at all the things you listed. The rest are not going to be very good at horizontal due to the high walls.

The no love comes from the fact that they don’t have standard pad sizes like most other yoyos on the market. They also take metric size bearing instead of C size bearings so you can’t just swap them out easily.

I love the Lynx. It feels a lot like a Peak, imo.

Trvth is a really fun, unique throw. I enjoy practicing on it.

Everyone says that, makes me tempted to get one.

The only ILYY that I own is the Phase, it plays very light and fast but the step gets in the way sometimes (not nearly as much as HSYY’s review would suggest). I do have my eye on the Falcon 2011, Eins, and Greyhound though.

Have owned a few. The older organics shapes are great and relaxed. The Nile is right up there competition wise (I compete with an Avalanche). My favorite aspect of ILYY is the blast right up there with my GeneralYo.

Totally agree on the blast! Awesome feel and looks really nice.

I do a lot of fast stuff. Or at least I try. I love the curves of the older ones. Some 5a. Any of the older designs ok for that?