Powell Peralta Ben Hatchell flight

(Ettore Ferro) #1

Hi guys,
I collect skateboard deck.
I have big problems with this one:

In Europe this deck has never landed.
Someone could find it for me.
I can pay via Paypal.


I got you, just ordered it off eBay. Happy to do it for the LEGENDARY MR BIST

Wait does it have to be the “Ben Matchell” one or can it be this one?

Very very similar but says “Mike McGill”

(Ettore Ferro) #3

Must be the “Ben Matchell”, the one in the pic I posted.


I can’t find that one anywhere online.

(Mike) #5

fellow skater here. I’ve done some searching and it would be really hard to find one from a retailer. I would suggest asking skating forums on reddit or other websites. I had a similar issue with a different deck, and gave up. Best of luck though!


Try Skate One

(Ettore Ferro) #7

Thx guys, if you find it please mail me. I’ll ask in some skate forum.