Post the last thing you bought here

I would stay away from those. Even if you’re just pretending, there’s real witchcraft out there and that can possibly be the gateway drug.

An Orca!

Gundam model kit, GM Strike IWSP

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Nice guitar too! What do you play?

I have not touched that guitar for years. I used to be able to play really simple songs, but not really anymore.

Took a random visit to Joann Fabrics to pick up some threads (Poly and Nylon). I want to experiment with string making and making cool color combos (already made a cool ice blue duo-color string that fits nicely with my Iceberg Wooly Marmot 2).

Fat Kitty string 100ct Orange

A yoyofactory avant garde 2

Yellow kitty XL bulk pack

Slurpee of course…