The "I Bought The Last One" Thread

What yoyos did you guys but that put it out of stock?



•Grey Trinity

• Zammy’s Axiom

•Mirror Polish Hitman Pro

Now it’s your turn.

Last metropolis from amazon! I think it was the last at least…

Mystery box I got it after they sold out my aunt emailed yye and they sent me one!

The first run of C3 Halos
One particular run of Y Factors (late 2010)
The last Dream Yo New Wing

I bought the last Metropolis and Code 2 from HSYY. Ever.

I was going to buy a Clareview Station Ava but literally, it got bought out from under me when I went to order it. It wasn’t a “day of” release. Just coincidental last timing.

On other stores:
Cold metal. Only 1 in stock. Snapped it right up!

In can’t recall the others. It’s not an interesting enough bit of trivia worth tracking for me. It is funny though when it happens.

I bought the last Addiction 2 and yellow/blue acidwash marmot from yyn when they were in business

I bought the last new SPYY PURE Gold from YYN a while back.

Derti. Direct from the maker. Regrettably though I’ve since sold it. (I know where it is though… ;))

Fireball Spingear Edition [limited run] from another Japanese store. I snagged the pink glitter body color that looks goood :]

I kinda feel bad when I sell out a yoyo, I always imagine some other person excited to buy the last yoyo, then when I buy it I imagine them very disappointed. Do you guys ever feel guilty?

I actually just came here to post this. I always feel kind of sad when this happens.

This wasn’t actually me but I was there when it got sold out and I was the one who helped choose it. It was my friend who’s family that my family are visiting in Newcastle that actually bought the last Yomega Fireball in Toys ‘R’ Us. She wanted to start learning from me how to throw after seeing me yoyo so we decided that she should buy a yoyo. There was actually no other yoyos at Toys ‘R’ Us plus, the Fireball was half price which was pretty cool. She has now started to get used to the feel of catching the yoyo but is struggling with doing rock the baby and forward pass. 60% of the time she can walk the dog but I want to make sure she can walk the dog quite well before teaching her creeper. ;D

Does getting a yoyo /after/ it has been pulled off the site count? I got a Sceptre from YYE in person after they were discontinued.

Also, I swiped YYE’s stock of textured Gen pads once. I think it was like 5 pairs.

Nabbed the last amazon broken heart burnside. That was a close one!

Got the last Competition Grade KLR today. Can’t wait!

i dont know this for sure… but from a different site i think i got the last skygrass cascade.

Just the other day (from a different yoyo store online) I ordered the last yomega dash, the new one with the c sized bearing just to try it. I’m a Fan. My next yoyo is the Yomega glide, no doubt.

Why was it removed?

When the Canvas was released I got the last Pinkerton one from CLYW.

Some patent issues from Duncan that only apply to the US.

I nabbed the last gold IronyJP from YYE. Yay!