Where to find a yoyo?


Doesn’t matter if its eBay to Yoyoplay, where did you get your last yo?




Ohio States

Bought a Rally


Young Entrepreneurs contest.


YYE! Got a Supernova and Genesis!

And I got an Echo at WYYC…which is a bit more interesting, LOL.


Yye. My g funk :slight_smile:


I have gotten all mine from YYE. The only time I might not do that, is if I go to a contest, design one (when I’m a whole lot older), or if I get one from YoTricks.com.


I think it was hammond toys at valley fair mall. I got a duncan.


YYE. Yeti.


Last online order: YYE, an SFX(clear with red anodized rims) and a RexTreme 2.
(there’s 4 places I regularly order from, 2 more I order on occasion)

Last in-store purchased item: Chico YoYoCompany ZRO at Learning Express in Roseville

Last received yoyo via BST, an XConvict. Half of a RexTreme is coming my way.

Last face-to-face BST-type sale: RexTreme

Last EBay auction: 2007 Japan Nationals Edition Red Enyo Aquarius.
(I got a weakness for this one. If I can get a cheap one, I’m giving one to my boy!)

Last purchase via things offered through Facebook: YYJ Synthesis

Note: this will be invalidated fairly shortly.


YYE proton in galaxy and dark blue body with like green capped surge.


Thrift store, got a Moose’s Gold Atom 7000, and a Mcdonalds Yomega.






Got a gift from Kristen. The YoYoJam XLR8!


Got an order off the BST and YYE at the same time, so either one of those.


Oh man I want hehehe


Oh man it’s not leaving my side hehehe :wink:


Why, YYE of course…


yuuuuuuup. Pretty much :smiley: