Post one yo-yo for the rest of your life!

If you could only have one yo-yo for the rest of your life, only one. For practice, performance, contests,etc. Factors to consider are the durability, spin times, shape, etc. Just wondering. Mine? Probably the Duncan Magnesium, those are INDESTRUCTABLE and sleep FOREVER. If I could choose a second one, probably PGM, plastic does not dent easily, great spin times.

We have a thread exacly like this:

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The Duncan MG is nto indestructable, i think it is actually flamable. But I would pick P2 atm.

synonym thread. :wink:


Seriously, why do people keep on making Synonym Threads?

P.S. “Synonym Threads” is a really catchy term.

flammable? really?

Anyways its interesting how much love the PGM gets…I need to pick up one.

Haha! :smiley:

Well you have to admit, that thread is a little outdated.

Magnesium is flamable but the fire has to be a certain very high tempature to
catch on fire.

keep spinning



keep spinning


But it doesn’t matter if someone bumps it, it’s endless.

a yoyo that could do any trick i throw at it.

Wooly Marmot