1 YoYo for the rest of your life!

Out of the yoyo’s that you currently have, if you had to go on for the rest of your life with just 1 yoyo, what 1 would it be?

For me, I would go with the YYF Shutter

Hmmmm, volt. Actually, I think I’d rather stop yoyoing for 5 years and decide then.

Duncan Mg

Probably my Chief.

My Armament.

That’s a tough one. Could probably pick 6 easy ;D

But if I had to pick just one it’d probably be one of my YWET’s or a No Jive.

citizen, and my life is complete

My trusty green Rally. Me and that thing have a long history. ;D

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I may be a bit biased, but the Shout is it for me. If nothing else was ever produced, I’d be good. I have been through so much with this return top.


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Gelada 2 :smiley:

It is an interesting question … but I’m not ready to give an answer! (And perhaps I never will be!) ;D

I’ll second the duncan MG.

i’d be fine with a no jive or eh.
i’ll say no jive, since i have about 1000 extra axles.

For all around play… ti dream. I’m getting a draup soon and although pure performance wise it might beat it I’d say for only one ever I’d go ti dream. This is for a variety of reasons: it is exceptionally durable and is tough to damage or break, it is yyf so parts are numerous and easy to get, it can grind well but does not have a finish that might flake off, being titanium it will be near impossible to strip, it can do almost all types of tricks (lacks an igr), and it feels so special and amazing in play that I feel I could play only it forever.

Markmont Classic

I would prolly g9 with the Dazzler for several reasons.

  1. I paid enough for it

  2. It’s a really good yoyo

  3. It would most likely be the hardest yoyo to beat up.


USA Hatrick for sure.


YYF Titanium Dream. If it’s the only one I can have, it has to be durable and last me a lifetime. It has to have my specs, solid on the string, a great finish, smooth, fast and comfortable in the hand.

Dream, for sure.

Yes yes, my choice as well.