Post a video of the most technically difficult trick you've ever seen

(Ian) #1

The thread about who was the best thrower created some debate about the meaning of “best” and how it really was about people’s opinions.
I am asking a more specific question.
Post a video of a trick that made your eyes pop out. A trick that must have taken a hundred hours of practice to master. Something maybe only a few people are capable of doing.
Doesn’t even have to look “good” or stylish. Just freaking impossibly difficult.
Could be fast, slow, freehand, off string, 1a, 2a, 13a, whatever.
If you post a routine, point out the time/name of the trick you are referring to.
(If you know how, link to the time in the video you are talking about)
I want to be impressed today.


The heart trick at :46-:50. Unbelievably difficult. The level of precision required there, with the two hands forming the heart and keeping the the counterweight away from the string and the yoyo is just incredible.

(Owen) #3

Personally I would say that trick is more difficult in a way a grind is. Not really a super techy trick.

Anything Nehemiah Peterson is pretty techy.

(Ian) #4

Do you have an example you particularly like available?



(Former National 4A Champion) #6



all of this is memorizing and difficult with all that slack.


All hail Riccardo Fraolini, the #trickcircle destroyer



Behind the arm Iwasawa Tower Laceration. Flip.

That and pretty much anything in the latest Janos video.  :stuck_out_tongue:


That trick made me laugh



(Ian) #12

That instagram guy is really really innovative.
I’m glad this thread turned me on to him.


Like everyone, that particular trick BLEW MY MIND when I first saw it. But when you figure out what’s going on, it can’t even be close to the most technically difficult trick a person has seen. It mostly boils down to whether you can get a powerful snap start going on or not. :wink:

(Ian) #14

What’s your vote?

(WildCat23) #15

I would say that Jake Elliott would know what he’s talking about…


I don’t think I have breadth of experience to really have one. I just know that I can look at that particular Fraolini trick and go, “OH, I get it now!” but there are dozens of other tricks that I go, “Yeah. I got nothin’.”

So many Janos tricks, for example!