Most difficult picture trick?

Just curious

I can’t think of the most difficult one, but Post Nuclear is tougher to get right, and if it counts tower laceration is really hard.




My mind just exploded. I would LOVE to see a slow-mo of that.

dude just stands there like… Wassupp? Bhahaa. Good stuff.

Check out some of this guy’s other stuff too. Absolutely crazy.

First trick - don’t blink.

I loved that video haha

First trick I made up ever.
Called Ventibulation

at 1:05

beat this.

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how 'bout the magic you know what trick.

Eh, I don’t think that one’s very hard personally. It is a favorite of mine though.

I Think Post Nuclear Is Hard.

That’s one of my favorite videos, thanks for posting it!
If anyone has tutorials for any of those tricks, let me know. I would love to learn some!