Picture Tricks

I’ve seen a few posts about picture tricks but didn’t really see any that were really complicated. I’ve got a few down like Towers, Nuclear Test, Darth Vader, Bunny and one i made up but was looking for a few more to add to my trick bank. I’ve seen the video on here under the Supernova post but there weren’t any tutorials for them… Any info would be helpful.

Just search poctre tricks in YouTube. Tricks like Jamaican flag, confederate flag, and Eiffel tower will come up.

yeah i was looking for more complicated ones really

well… Search around on YouTube, the trick list, YYE, the fact is there aren’t THAT many complicated pic tricks, but if you look hard enough you’ll find one that somebody made up or something like that… Good luck!

Look up some of Ryousuke Iwasawa’s laceration style picture tricks. That stuff is mad crazy.


Right on - Thanks for the tips

This guy is pretty dope when it come to picture tricks. Look up more of his videos too there is a lot of stuff on his youtube. I hope this helps.