Any new picture tricks?


The other day I learned the trick Post Nuclear, which is this complex trick in which you make the nuclear symbol out of a wrist mount. I found this trick very cool and wondered if anyone has any other tricks similar to this that they can name or post tutorials on.

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i got a couple towers on my channel. But this weekend I"ll make a tut for a little picture trick i found one day. It makes a spaceship looking thing, sorta

Have you learned the Darth Vadar picture trick?


Before we move onto new ones, how many old ones have you learnt? Daisy, Butterfly, Four-leaf Clover, South African Flag, Darth Vader, etc.?

There are some great old skool picture tricks which a lot of people don’t bother with anymore.


I appreciate the responses, and no I have not learned Darth Vader but am going to now. I know a few basic picture tricks (eiffel tower, jamaican flag, star, etc.) but have not learned too many old ones or complex ones.


Here’s an easy one.


^nice but i have been working and working on it and don’t get it


one i made up. Do a houdini mount but continue around your fingers one more time like in triple or nothing. curl in your finger and put it in the string your thumb is on.curl in ur finger again and grab the string in front on your throwhand. Let go of all extra strings except the two and boom you have it.

I call it Deadly Perfection