picture tricks

plz post some tuts for picture tricks like triple tower

This is triple tower


no i mean other picture tricks

there is the Jamaican flag and the Eiffel tower

i want more complicated ones

There is an Eiffel Tower in the trick Rain.

i dont care about the actual “making of the picture” i just want the end picture to look cool. for example triple tower

Babel… one of my secret tricks… mwahahaha www.rethinkyoyo.com

i want really complex and intricate pics

First of all you said that you wanted Triple Tower, so someone posted it, and then you said no, and then you said you wanted it, but he already posted it, and then you said no, I don’t get what you mean, and I don’t think anybody can help you unless you explain this.

i never said i wanted triple tower i said i wanted tricks like it becaus i like it

Well, the way you put it was like like you said that you wanted it, and then you didn’t.

Are you guys kidding, or do you really not know what he means?

He likes triple tower. Picture tricks are cool. He wants more picture tricks. But not just ANY picture tricks, he wants cool ones like triple tower. He obviously already knows Eiffel Tower and the Jamaican Flag.

Just the way he put it was kind of confusing, and I didn’t quite get what he was saying at first.

i have a twin towers trick that is super eeeeeeeppppppppppppiiiiiccccccccc!!! ;D :slight_smile:

try that one

I don’t think he wants any towers.

Demands, demands, demands!

Just go to youtube and search for picture tricks, there are plenty there!



pac man one handed pac man and triangle mouth