Positive feedback for Earthbound8426

@Earthbound8426 purchased a yoyo from me. i liked that he was polite, asked GOOD questions, and came prepared and knew what he wanted… i.e., did not want to drag something out for eons.

it was a bst that i would, and did, repeat


I concur!! Solid dude and asks good questions!! Don’t hesitate to sell to or buy from!


Did a deal with @Earthbound8426 for a beauty of a Draupnir. He’s a great dude, he ships fast, protects the yo-yos very well, and is awesome to deal with. Yoyo arrived exactly in the condition he said it would,. I Wouldn’t hesitate to do business again!

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I just completed a smooth and enjoyable trade with Earthbound8426. He was polite and very friendly throughout. The item arrived exactly as described. I look forward to trading with him again. Don’t hesitate to deal with him. :+1:


Fair trader, quick shipping, excellent communication, super nice, what else could you want? 10/10

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Sold a yoyo to @Earthbound8426. They were very friendly, responsive to communication, paid quickly, let me know when the yo-yo arrived (days earlier than estimated!), and were all around a pleasure to deal with. A++/10

Very easy to deal with. Package really really well, and shipping was crazy fast! Thank you! Recommended and hope to do business again.

1/22/2021 edit:
Bought another high end yoyo from @Earthbound8426, who was very helpful. Great to deal with and recommended as a solid seller.


Made a purchase from @Earthbound8426 and all went very well. Good communication and packaging, wouldn’t hesitate to work with again :+1: :+1:


I just purchased a yoyo from @Earthbound8426, everything went smooth as can be, he packed it well, properly insured it, provided great communication and was a pleasure to deal with.

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A round of applause for @Earthbound8426

He offered me a hardcoat Tundra at a fair price after seeing my LF listing.

My PayPal was frozen due to a pending ebay transaction.

I sent him payment via PayPal and it remained pending for over a week. Naturally he wasn’t comfortable at that point as the funds weren’t secured.

We communicated very well, I paid for the yoyo twice. Once on Paypal and once via Venmo to circumvent the PayPal issue that I was experiencing on my end (I NEVER SUGGEST PAYING VIA VENMO DO NO DO IT DON’T FREAKING DO IT)

Jarrod was stellar, updated me, shipped plenty fast, once my PayPal issue was resolved and the money landed in his account. He sent it back immediately and apologized for not sending it back sooner even though it was very fast.

I thank him for going the extra mile and really proving that this community is one of the best communities.

I would never hesitate to make any BST transaction with him! A+

Thanks for the Tundy!


Just completed a fairly substantial trade with Earthbound and it went really well. Lots of communication and we seemed to be on a similar page as far as reasonable evaluations for stuff. Shipped very quickly.

Great to deal with!


I just finished a stellar trade with @Earthbound8426 and everything went perfectly smooth! Super fast shipping, great packaging and extremely communicative and thorough. Thanks a ton!


Bought a really cool RSO Tiramisu from @Earthbound8426 he’s super nice to work with and did a great job with packaging.

Would definitely buy more from in the future.

Thanks :pray:t2:

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@Earthbound8426 is the Man!! Super fast shipping and a 10/10 Twin Drive Ti…use this guy for your Trading :facepunch::slightly_smiling_face:

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I got the G2 GBP from @Earthbound8426 and all was perfect! Thank you!

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Very good communication.
Exactly as descibed.
Lightening fast shipping.
Excellent packaging.

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Another perfect purchase from @Earthbound8426 this week. Arrived so fast it felt like overnight. Thanks!

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Maybe once someone has this much feedback, it’s pointless, so I’ll stop here. This is my third or fourth deal with @Earthbound8426 and all was great.

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This time it was my turn to purchase from Jarrod! The deal went flawless; yo-yo was packaged securely, shipping was prompt, communication was excellent. No complaints at all, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy, sell, or trade with them again in the future!

Positive interaction in buying a yoyo from @Earthbound8426

Well packaged and promptly sent. As described/pictured. No complaints and thank you!!