Popstar yoyo


I was thinking about maybe getting this yoyo. What do you guys think?


No don’t get it


The size combined with the large bearing makes for a terrible playing yoyo

If you want a cheap metal get a magicyoyo

If you want a cheap micro get an Aoda Little


Ok, thanks.


It’s heavy and unstable. It thumb grinds well if you can land your thumb in it.


Too small and really heavy. Almost no landing gap. Don’t get it man. (I’ve used it before)

(Jace) #7

Easily one of my favorite yoyos out there. That being said it’s preference.


It’s miniature and as a novelty I feel it does quite well. That being said, it is a novelty and will never and should never take the place of a “real” yoyo. As a cute, playable, micro yoyo I’ve found it to be enjoyable, but never ever would it be a daily throw.